About CRI Genetics

CRI Genetics is an advanced team of Geneticists, Anthropologists, and Social Scientists, who work together to deliver you the most accurate estimation of your ancestry possible.

Mr. Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer
Head of Research & Development
CRI Genetics

The Research & Development Genetics division of Cellular Research Institute is lead by Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of Bioinformatics Lab at The University of Toledo.

Alexei Fedorov made a lifetime goal to progress Mankind’s understanding of the human genome into new frontiers and he has been doing it for over 35 years. He has designed, guided, and completed several scientific research studies, including 18 different bioinformatic projects, and the papers he has written have been cited hundreds of times.

Alexei Fedorov now delivers his genetic expertise to you to enjoy in your own home and get to know yourself in literally the most personal way possible.